Come Be a Volunteer

What could be better than spending a day watching beautiful horses compete?

Unlike the race track it won’t cost you anything, and we will treat you like an honored guest. Like the race track we need lots of people to make a competition happen – score keepers, timers, spotters, hazard judges, runners, hospitality, record keepers, scribes, cones pushers, and stewards.

Driving events can’t happen without your help. But what can you do? Everybody has some skill to offer that we need. We’ll show you what needs to be done. We explain the jobs on the website. We’ll teach you, and pair you up with someone than knows the job. Maybe you are training a horse and are not ready to compete. Or you’ve retired your horse and don’t expect to be driving again, but still want to be involved. Or you have never touched an animal and just think they’re pretty.

Maybe you like to ride and have heard that driving is fun and want to learn more and want to see what it is all about. Or you are planning to compete but have some time in the days before the competition to help set up. Come help out, you’ll have a wonderful day.

What Are the Volunteer Jobs?

Come as timers, trail cleaners, or help with the paperwork needed to organize and run events. There are refreshments to serve, shirts to sell, people with questions to answer, scores to run, registrations to complete, packets to fill, signs to put up and take down, branches to be cut, trees to remove, hazards to build, – and lots of other stuff.

Driving Event Jobs

Volunteer Fun

How Do I Volunteer?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring someone?2022-07-31T17:21:11-04:00

Bring your friends or family -give us a day, or a half day. You come-we will give you work that you will like to do. Create a job you would like to do and it’s yours. The more participation, the more we can do. Children are welcome, as long as they are supervised and reasonably well behaved. We love to encourage young people’s interest in horses, so bring them out to join us. Today’s children are next year’s navigators and tomorrow’s competitors.

Do you need help building or setting up the course?2022-07-31T17:20:56-04:00

Yes, not everything happens on the day of the show. We always need people to measure the course, help clean the trails, mark hazards, or help build equipment. Let us know if you would like to help on those kinds of jobs.

What if I am not so physically fit?2022-07-31T17:20:42-04:00

If you can’t walk in the woods and need to sit in a chair-no problem-we will find a job for you where you can sit. We’ll get you transportation to where you will be working.

Is it safe?2022-07-31T17:35:13-04:00

Are you worried that you are going to get run over, fall in a hole, get ticks? You are probably not going to get run over unless you jump in front of a horse, and for the rest of your concerns you need to exercise good judgment and be alert. Safety is our primary concern. We need volunteers to help us make sure that everything is organized, and no one is put in a position of risk.

Our competitors, horses, equipment and especially our volunteers are important to us and we want no accidents, and nobody inconvenienced. You will never be asked to do anything that will put you in a situation of risk. It is never a volunteer’s responsibility to control a horse. You are there to be eyes and ears, and depending on the job assignment write down information – like times, routes, respiration, faults and penalties.

What do I need to bring?2022-07-31T17:20:12-04:00

One of the things about all Driving Clubs and horse activities – we eat well. We will feed you and make sure that you are comfortable. We will exhaust you, and you will go home tired, but you will have wonderful stories to tell. You need to dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes. If they forecast rain, bring a raincoat or poncho, and rain boots. Sometimes it is cold at our Driving Trial and you need a coat – but most of the time the weather is beautiful and you need sunscreen, a hat, and bug repellent.


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