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Mid Winter Driving Conference

The Saratoga Driving Association is delighted to invite all horse enthusiasts to join us near Albany, NY for a quiet day of learning and fun with the experts.
We had a great time at last year’s Conference. Being together, sharing stories, raffling goods and making plans. Let’s do it again!
We have great speakers—a new, even better venue and maybe this is our last year, or maybe not…

Steven Kraus

We are bringing back Steven Krauss the Head of Farrier Services, and Sr. Lecturer at Cornell University,
College of Veterinary Medicine. Down to earth, practical, knowledgeable, and presenting two lectures.

  • Understanding How the Hind End Works: How Geometric Principles Govern the Horse’s Hind End
  • Why Horses Lose Shoes and How to Prevent It: Knowing why they lose shoes, Aides in preventing it.

Steve’s new book will be available for purchase and signing. :

Shoeing the Modern Horse
The Horse Owners Guide to Farriery and Hoof Care

Richard Nicoll

International Course Designer & FEI Official
Richard & Martha Nicoll, both former FEI officials have presented before and were very well received. We have invited them back to talk about where they see our sport and their insights into the future.

  • Thoughts on Carriage Driving. Past, Present and Future

Jeff Morse

Let me Tell you about Pleasure Driving
Jeff will introduce you to a brand new carriage driving experience: the Saratoga Classic—Pleasure Show at the Schaghticoke Fair Grounds, only 33 mins from Albany, NY.
Learn when and where it will occur, what to expect from the venue and stabling, what competitions will be offered, and who will be officiating. Mark your calendar for June 8 and 9, 2024


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Every penny we earn goes into promoting our sport – buying and building equipment, hiring clinicians & judges , underwriting clinics reducing competitor costs. We want to make money, but only to promote our sport. We don’t have sponsors, we raise our funds.

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